DACs and Output Devices do not Persist

Core Machine

Core is running on an i7 NUC.
OS is vanilla Windows 10 with all the latest updates
Roon v1.7 build 521 (though I can confirm my report occurrs with past builds too).

Network Details

Wired Ethernet on Mikrotik switches and a Mikrotik router

Audio Devices

All music stored locally on SATA connected internal SSD inside the NUC
Playback via Topping D90 DAC connected via USB (though I can confirm from testing other USB connected DACs that this issue is not unique to the Topping D90)

Description Of Issue

Greetings Roon support! A happy customer here reporting what might be a small issue but keeps coming up to nag me. Every time I power down my USB DAC Roon forgets that it exists including any naming, DSP, and most importantly any adjustments I have made to the sample rate, DSD, etc settings. When I power the DAC back up Roon reconnects to it immediately and music will play but all my customizations will be lost.

It is easy to recreate those settings but it creates another step to the process. If I am out of the house and someone else plays some music in the main system in the living room I often have to guide them through the setup process again including enabling the correct output, adjusting a few settings, etc. I might have considered this a nuisance issue however it has a big impact on the SAF and it can lead to mistakes with the reconfiguration.

Is there a way to make an output device persistent? Or at least is there a way to save the settings for a specific device such that when it reconnects those settings are recalled? I do not want to leave my DAC on 24/7 and at some point no matter what I do either via power outage or when rearranging equipment that device is going to be powered down. Please give me some ideas as to what I can do to fix this.


Hi @Richard_U,

Thank you for reaching out and for your report here.

I want to start off by saying that the behavior you’re experiencing here is not a normal Roon behavior, Roon should remember your settings between DAC disconnects.

As for how to troubleshoot this properly, I suggest that we take a look at diagnostics from before and after the device is disconnected. Specifically, please provide the following information:

  1. Please set up and configure your Topping DAC with the appropriate values in Roon

  2. Disconnect/power off your Topping DAC and note the exact local time + date when you disconnected it (e.g. 12:04PM on 2/24/20)

  3. Turn the DAC back on/re-connect it and note the time you re-connected it to the system and saw no values

  4. Send me a package of your Windows 10 Core Roon and RAATServer logs by using these instructions. RAATServer is in a similar folder as the Roon logs, except it is located in %localappdata%/RAATServer instead of %localappdata/Roon, please include an archive of both Logs folders (Roon/RAATServer).
    The best way to get them over to me would be via Dropbox/Google Drive but if you don’t have either service just let me know and I can provide an alternate service.

Any questions just let me know, thanks!


Thanks for the reply and suggestions. Your first suggestion I can confirm I have completed correctly. The sound quality of Roon + Topping D90 is absolutely superb in my system with many types of music and from many different sources from 44.1 up to DSD. I am impressed!

I will have to repeat the next few suggestions again at a later time because the issue has been resolved. There is something I managed to change on reconnect/reconfigure this time around that I believe resolved the unexpected behavior. In short — clear out old drivers when installing a new DAC — especially old ASIO drivers no matter how high quality they are/were.

The first few times I configured the new DAC in Roon I only was offered WASAPI as the driver type. I had installed the optimized driver package from Topping and did a full reboot but still only WASAPI was offered. I also had to reconfigure the DAC in Roon as described in my original post. In an attempt to make troubleshooting more reliable I removed any other USB DAC drivers still on my Roon system then rebooted. I reinstalled the driver package from Topping’s website then performed another full reboot. This time I was offered ASIO as a driver choice in addition to WASAPI. Along with all the other ASIO benefits and DSD native in addition to DoP I now have a correctly behaving disconnect/power-off reconnect/power-on re-detection cycle.

So my problem is resolved and at the moment my best guess as to what was happening is the that the two other “leftover” ASIO drivers on my Roon Core system were leading to some sort of misenumeration or other confusion as to how to correctly attach the USB DAC. I should have known better to clear the baffles before installing a new DAC. Either way I am up and running and very happy with both sound quality and reliability in my new setup.

Thanks again for your suggestions (and patience).

— Richard


Hi @Richard_U,

Glad to hear the issue is resolved by reinstalling the driver! Any further issues, feel free to reach out once more, thanks!

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