DACs gone from Zone selection

I have a DAC connected to my Nucleus+. Before the 1.8 update, I was able to select it from my iPhone and listen music on it. Now, it appears to be gone as a selectable audio zone, even though the device is visible under audio settings.

The same is also true on my PC, where I run the Windows version of Roon. I have another DAC connected to the PC and it too can no longer be selected as the audio zone.

Did the UI change so much that DACs are now selectable somewhere else or is this an issue in 1.8?

UPDATE: restarting the Nucleus fixes the issue.

I have the same issue. Need to restart the roon core every time the dac is turned on.

yes, this is an issue for me too, I turn on the DAC, it appears as an audio device on the Settings/Audio as enabled, but it cannot be selected. I have to reboot the core for it to be available for playback. This didn’t happen before on version 1.7 so it seems to be a new bug on version 1.8.

Ditto. Although my Apple end points like Apple TV and HomePod never disappeared. Only my DAC. Roon Core reboot brought the DAC zone back.

Same issue with Nucleus and DAC. DAC fails to appear as a Zone. But powering the Nuke off and on seems to get things started again,
.Definitely a glitch in 1.8.
This sort of thing should have been detected by Beta testers, not end users.

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