Daily crashes and constant pauses

i use ROON with a MAC PRO connected via usb to a PS AUDIO Pefect Wave DAC,I’m experiencing daily crashes during playback,also it just stops when it feels like it,I’m concerned as I’m about to upgrade my PS AUDIO DAC to DSD,any help on this issue would be much appreciated,thanks people!
Foxx delaney

I am also having similar problems with the constant pauses (sometimes, the music just stops playing), but only when I listen via TIDAL. I use a Mac Mini connected to an exaSound DAC. When a switch to “pure” TIDAL (via their desktop application - i.e., not via Roon), there is no problem. So I’m assuming it’s possibly a Roon-TIDAL issue. Despite this minor issue, I’m having lots of fun with Roon.

Hi @Foxx_Artizan_Delaney – sorry for the slow response here. I’ll follow up with you via PM and we’ll get some more information about the crashes.

@walcir - can you let me know if you’re still seeing this issue with TIDAL content, and also what part of the world you’re located in?

Thanks guys!

Hi Mike. The problem with Tidal has improved considerably. I still have it, but much less now. I’m located in Montreal, Canada (internet speed of 100mbps download, 30mbps upload). No more crashes, but the pauses are relatively common (I’d say at least once a day in a 2h listening session). I’m happy (95$) with the Tidal/Roon partnership, but it’s not 100%.