Daily Mix skip artist

With the introduction of the daily mixes it appears other artists are curated based off similar styles. In general these have been exceptionally well done.
On occasion a band I may not appreciate fully appears and I’d like to mark them as forgotten for future mixes. Today I have a mix for a band I don’t really care for.
I imagine something very similar to training pandora to who I like/dislike.
I think something like this is happening now when Roon radio plays after my playlist is empty I am asked if I liked the suggest track or not.


I love the idea and second it. I’d like to mark certain artists to be excluded from the mixes. Or, I’d like to see that artists that I manually remove from the mix playlist will be learned and not offered any more.

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A fine idea. I selected an new artist via Quobuz one time, now I get Daily Mixes for that artist every third day or so.

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