Daily Mixes - Add a Tag

I love the new daily mixes feature, this is a great addition.
However, some days it’s just too good, and unfortunately I don’t have the available hours to listen to the playlists I would like.
I know I can save these for a later date, which I do ! However, this is where the request comes in.
On the pop up screen to save the playlist (shown below), can this be changed to add a tag?
For example, I could save a playlist and, tag ‘Listen later’.


Again, I know I can go into playlists and add a tag to the new saved playlist, but this is long winded.

Alternatively, could there be some indication on the actual playlist tracks, to show which have been played from the playlist. ( I know, going into the track from the queue, you can see number of times played, but this is different).

What do people think ?