Daily Mixes and Roon Playlists

I don’t get it ! I’ve had Roon for several months now and functionality seems fine. But the list of ‘Daily Mixes’ and Roon curated Playlists have barely changed since I started. Surely Daily Mixes should be updated,nwell, daily ? Same sort of thing goes for Playlists - I seem to get a few related to recent music I have listened to, but certainly nowhere near a more random selection, such as in Qobuz. Have I got the wrong end of a stick ?

Post in the support area and fill in the information requested; I get new mixed every day so should you.

They are not that random. I’ve been tracking mine for nearly a year. While, it is rare, but not unknown, to get an artist two days in a row, I do get some artists every other day, several time per week.