Daily Mixes gone after TIDAL subscription change

No daily mix here. Roon Core running on Windows 10, and Roon Remote running on MacOS. Both build 806. When 806 first came out, I did get Daily Mixes, but last week my Tidal subscription ran out, and I have since renewed it and re-logged into Tidal from Roon. But the daily mix has disappeared. (I was away several days so don’t know if the Tidal subscription is the root cause, but it may be.)

Hi @David_Ching

Can you give us some details on your setup?

When did you renew your TIDAL account? Has it been 24 hours since the account status changed?

Any change with a reboot of the Core?

Rebooted Core, no change. I renewed Tidal a couple days ago. If you have another Roon build with additional log messages that could shed some light on the situation I’d be happy to run it. Thanks.

Update: I closed the Roon Remote on macOS but kept the Roon Core on Windows open. Some hours later I started Roon Remote on iOS (which I haven’t mentioned until now), and the Daily Mixes appeared!

But on Roon Core on Windows, they still were missing. I switched the screen to TIDAL and back to Home, and still the Daily Mixes were missing. I exited Roon Core and restarted it, then the Daily Mixes appeared. HOWEVER, the Daily Mixes there are completely different than what is on iOS.

Then I started Roon again on macOS, and the Daily Mixes appeared there – and they are the same as on Roon Core.

I then terminated and restarted iOS, and the Daily Mixes changed to match Roon Core and macOS.

So it appears that a complete exit and restart of Roon Core was necessary, after verifying the Daily Mixes appeared on Roon Core, it is necessary to shutdown and restart all Roon Remotes so the Daily Mixes sync with Roon Core.

Hope this helps! Again, if you add logging to a future client that explicitly explains what is happening, I’ll be happy to run it.

Thanks for the update, @David_Ching! I’m glad that things appear to be working at the moment, but if anything changes please let me know!

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