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Today I have a daily mix called ‘Ralph Vaughan Williams Mix’. So far, so good. But the description reads, ‘Featuring Adrian Boult, London Symphony Orchestra, Sarah Fox and more’. This is a non-sequitur. I like Vaughan Williams, but I do not look for music by artists: I look for composers. This goes right through Roon. When I open my Qobuz playlists, I see titles and ‘Artists’, not Composers, which is what I want to see. Although I have selected Composers in the settings, this is not shown in the playlist.

I do hope Roon will not refer me back to Qobuz, since this issue runs right through Roon.

Composers don’t mean much to Roon. It does not regard them important enough to display them on Chromecast or the Now Playing ribbon. It is much more important that the screens maintain a clean, uncluttered look.

And it seems that there are topics that Roon has no intention of dealing with, or even responding to, which makes this forum look somewhat like window dressing.

I’ll move your report to Support and also adress the crew; @support
Posts are read and taken in for consideration by the Roon crew from all of the forum. Not necessarily responded to, though.

Probably better as a feature request


Hello @David_S,

Thank you for reaching out to us about this. Thank you also @Mikael_Ollars for looping in support on this and @ged_hickman1 for recommending moving this thread to feature request, which I have done. This will allow voting on this feature to gauge forum interest on this idea.

Currently the Daily Mix feature doesn’t generate mixes by Composer, we focused instead on Performer for classical works. Daily Mixes by classical Performer will feature a mix of pieces by the featured performer.

As Mike has stated, what’s being delivered currently is a “1.0 version” of classical mixes and there are a lot of directions we could go here. We’re interested in hearing other ideas.

Hi Jamie. Thanks for your reply. I don’t think ‘a mix of pieces by the featured performer’ is what’s needed here. I think the Daily Mix should say, for example, ‘Vaughan Williams Mix, featuring Sibelius, Delius, Elgar and Debussy’.

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As your gathering ideas.
I’d like “similar to” as I don’t know a lot about classical. Something like roon radio but captured in a playlist.

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Thank you @David_S and @ged_hickman1, we appreciate and welcome your ideas.

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