Daily Mixes not showing in build 806 [Recent issues resolved, Roon continuing to monitor and work on additional improvements]

Not getting the daily mixes for the last few days. IDAGIO gives me 3 weekly mixes and this works flawlessly with excellent suggestions. Perhaps part of Roon’s problem is the volume of mixes the servers are creating? I would be fine with less if it helped make them work. I could never ever listen to even half of the daily mixes in a day. Just a thought since I saw a post asking people not to do things that put a strain on the Roon server.

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Mines back today but as per usual one mix is not a mix the other does not follow suit to act it’s based on. Even radio gets this right.

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Been gone for few days now again. Nothing today still.

I have this too but only in the latest week, the previous ones are still populated

Hi all, I spoke with the team this morning about the current status of this. Some changes were implemented at the end of last week to help improve things, and we are continuing to implement additional improvements here. If you’re continuing to see this issue, please continue to send us logs. This data is extremely helpful to the team. Thanks!

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@dylan , last week I uploaded the logs because the Daily Mixes are then gone (for the first time). The next day the Mixes were back. But after that the Mixes are gone; this is for several days now. I will upload the logs again.

FWIW, Logging off from qobuz via my roon player’s Settings → Services and logging back in again has allowed the Daily Mixes to populate again. YMMV

Still no mixes, logs sent

I still have not seen a daily mix, ever.
Just submitted logs.

Didn’t work for me unf.

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Daily Mixes did reappear for a couple days, but then disappeared again yesterday and today. I’ll send another set of logs.

Gone again.

Todo the Daily mixes did not show on my iPad. I then opened the Roon app on my Mac and they did show up. Went back to the iPad and they were not there. Swiped up to exit the app and opened Roon again and they were there.

I’ve had the Daily Mixes for 3 or 4 days and then they disappeared. I have restarted the core and left and entered the TIDAL service. It still doesn’t work.
NOTE: I have 4 profiles and it just doesn’t work on mine which is the default profile.

oh hai, Daily Mixes are missing again. I was out of town, so haven’t played anything in a few days…

Hi Dylan

Why don’t you guys switch to Weekly recommendations so the load on Roon/Qobuz infrastructure can be handled more eveny.
One that is fully under control , you can enhance the frequency to 2 times a week, to arrive back to Daily mixes if you really want to.
When it was working, I received 5 (even 6 one day) playlists of about 2 hours.
That is more then enough ( for me) to get through the week.
But now 1 day I have everything, the day after nothing as everything is cleared.


I would 100% agree with Dirk above. Problem is, if one doesn’t save them, then they’re gone, and the five to six (well actually twelve if you have more than one profile) was way too much for a day. But of course they’re gone now for the last couple of days, so I guess they really are in a sense weekly at this point, it’s just that they don’t stick around unless saved (and I forgot to on the last batch).

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Doesn’t matter. One could play for eighteen hours a day and still not end up with them. Something else is going on.

Me neither. Not once