Daily Mixes updating on every app launch

Late shift this week and was listening to a daily mix at work last night through ARC.

I’ve just checked on my iPhone.

Room ARC - daily mixes were there, but just magically disappeared a few minutes ago.

Roon app - gone as well.

I’m going to reboot my core later on and hopefully that’ll fix it. I am not sure that it will judging some posts here.

I’m running my Core on Zorin Linux Pro.

My core is on Ubuntu 22.04. Rebooting doesn’t make a difference.

I use daily mixes. It would be nice for someone at Roon to acknowledge the issue.

I rebooted, I cleared the cache, doesn’t matter. Daily mixes are gone on all devices. Clearly this is something they upload daily for you and it is broken on their end. If they haven’t read the thread this evening, no doubt they will in the morning.

No daily mixes here so it’s dropped off their end by the looks of it.

Yep rebooting the core didn’t work. Well at least I now have the latest Linux kernel installed.


Thanks, @Suedkiez

Mixes are showing up, are common across devices, and aren’t refreshing.

I hope they figured out what’s going on - we’re coming up on two weeks since this thread started.

Looks to me that these are two different issues maybe, the “no mixes” started today or yesterday

Two different behaviors, certainly, but without an understanding of how this stuff works, I don’t know that we can guess at whether or not the issues are related. If it’s something like a Redis cache crashing, that could explain both. At least we know now (maybe you already knew) that these mixes are at least partially service driven. I wasn’t aware of that.

Sure I can’t know, but I didn’t have changing mixes after every restart and now have none since yesterday.

And yes, they are all cloud stuff. It’s not the first time they went missing either :slight_smile:

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Hey @gTunes !
Thanks for reporting!
As far as I understand, it is a long-term issue you are facing. So, could you please, use the directions found here and send over a [zipped] Logs folder to our File Uploader ? We are going to investigate this and try to reproduce this locally.