Daily Stop of Play for 5 minutes due to discovery cycle

I use roon on a synology NAS DS716+ with about 110 K songs. I am quite happy with the combination and could solve all upcoming issues so far.
Only one issue is left. Every day more or less the same time (6:00 pm) roon stops playing because roon is checking quickly all files. The time is exactly 12 hours after I started roon in the morning (6:00 am).
In the log file I can read “[roonapi] network reach ability changed. Kicking off discovery cycle”.
This takes about 5 min and I roon is available again for the clients.
Is there any option to avoid this behavior? Is it an issue of roon, the router (fritzbox) or DSM (NAS)?

Remark: I improved significantly the performance of roon by shut down the software in the night and start it new in the early morning.

Some lines more of the log file:
04/14 19:18:05 Trace: [broker/accounts] network reachability changed. refreshing
04/14 19:18:05 Trace: [broker/accounts] [heartbeat] now=4/14/2020 5:17:53 PM nextauthrefresh=4/14/2020 5:48:01 PM nextmachineallocate=4/14/2020 8:15:06 PM
04/14 19:18:05 Trace: [broker/accounts] doing auth refresh, next=4/14/2020 5:48:01 PM
04/14 19:18:05 Trace: [broker/accounts] refreshing account info for email=‘XXXXXXXX’ userid=XXXXXXXXX
04/14 19:18:05 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] POST https://accounts5.roonlabs.com/accounts/3/login
04/14 19:18:05 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] BODY token=XXXXXXXXXX
04/14 19:18:05 Debug: [tidal] network reachability changed. retrying login
04/14 19:18:05 Trace: [raat] [sood] Refreshing device list
04/14 19:18:05 Trace: [roonapi] network reachability changed. Kicking off discovery cycle
04/14 19:18:06 Trace: Successful POST response from https://push.roonlabs.com/push/1/connect

Hi @Wolfgang_Schuh
I’ve moved your post over to Support. It’s possible a Roon User could help you with this, but you are more likely to get a sound answer from the Roon Technical team.

Hello @Wolfgang_Schuh,

I noticed that the NAS you’re using for your Roon Core falls short of our recommended specs.
Because this device uses a Celeron processor, you may experience performance issues, particularly with larger libraries or DSP, or if you don’t use an SSD for your Roon database.

Can you also confirm whether or not you have Roon running on an SSD? Also, when this happens, what does your Core’s resource usage look like? Thanks!

Hi nuwriy,
I run roon on a separate volume on the synology NAS 716+ that is physically a SSD. So roon and the database are on the SSD, the songs are on the main Volume of the NAS (12 TB Seagate Ironwolf; mirrored in Raid 1 to a second 12 TB Ironwolf) that is also a fast hardware.
The Intel Celeron N3150 has 4 cores and I increased the memory of the NAS to 8 GB.

In the case of the rescan the usage of the CPU goes nearly to 40% only for roon. The total usage of the CPU is at about 70%.

Best regards

Hello @Wolfgang_Schuh, could you please temporarily try another machine as your core and see if we have the same results? I’d like to see if the discovery cycle goes faster using another machine.

Dear Nuwriy,
sorry I have no other core to try that. Just to give you an idea of the volume

It is nearly 5 TB with a lot of DSF and other Hi-Res files.
Is there no option to move such kind of rescan to night time or that it is only done with a definable schedule?

Hey @Wolfgang_Schuh, that’s fair. Let 's go about the same test another way, here’s what we can do:

  1. Make a backup of your Roon database
  2. Open the Synology WebUI via a browser and set a new location for the Roon database
  3. Add a small library (under 100 albums) to that folder and verify if the same issue occurs with a smaller library

I have not so good news.

  1. I made the backup
  2. I deactivated my library
  3. I set the new location vor the database
  4. I waited for 19:20 (7:20 pm) and I had the same as usual. Roon stopped for about 5 min comes back and I could see the following picture:

Any further ideas? Could it be the Tidal account?

Hi @Wolfgang_Schuh,

Nuwriy brought your issue to my attention and I wanted to reach out about this. As Nuwriy mentioned above, your Core machine doesn’t quite meet our requirements. With a library of your size, that would definitely be noticeable and could lead to some performance issues.

Ultimately, we really recommend that you try using a Core machine that does meet these requirements, even if just as a test. Most likely these performance issues will go away with a properly suited Core machine. If you have any Windows, Mac, or Linux machine available to you we definitely recommend giving it a try. You can always connect to the music stored on the Synology over the network from this new Core.

Hi Dylan,
thanks for your feedback and your engagements to support me.
Yesterday the re-scan did not happen in the evening at 7:20 pm - it happened in the morning at 7:20 am.
Because the effort for preparation a core machine I have to do it at a weekend.
I will report as soon as I have tested it.

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Hi Dylan,

I could solve the problem - and it has nothing to do with the hardware performance. There is still enough headroom.
What I did…

  1. My library was at \Servername\Folder where Servername was the same where roon is installed
  2. I changed the network shared library to \ip-address\folder - than I could also change the period for additional reindex to 24 hours or in my case “At startup”.
  3. Now it works fine without any drop outs.

You can close the topic. Thanks for your ideas and support.
Best regards

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