Daisy Chain Networking Question

My setup is simple. It consists of a modem/router, a NUC running ROCK, and the LS50W.

I have used two configurations:

  1. Using both the NUC and LS50W as endpoints, each connected independently by ethernet to the modem.

  2. Modem connected by ethernet to NUC, and NUC by ethernet to LS50W.

In (1), the digital signal passes directly from modem to LS50W, obviously.

In (2), does the signal pass first to NUC, and then from NUC to LS50W?
Or, is the NUC still sending the signal directly to LS50W, but using wifi?

That does not answer my question. I have no problems whatsoever with either configuration. I simply want to know whether, when the nuc is chained between the modem and speaker, the speaker is receiving the signal from the nuc through its ethernet connection, or from the modem via wifi.

I am surprised that Option 2 works as there typically is only one Ethernet port on a ROCK NUC. Are you connecting the LS50s with a USB/Ethernet cable? Even so, as @Jim_F notes, each device (ROCK and LS50) should be connected by its own individual Ethernet cable to the Ethernet ports on the modem or router.

Or a switch.

I understand that is the conventional set-up. Nevertheless, 2 does indeed work, and the sq is superior than in 1. Hence, my question. And, yes, I am using a usb to ethernet adapter for the nuc out to speakers.

Just turn off wi-fi and see what happens. I doubt it will still work. Either way, this has nothing to do with SQ.


I guess the sq question between ethernet and wifi is subjective; because, to my ear, there is simply no comparison. Wifi cannot match the fidelity of ethernet. And, I imagine that is why Roon recommends the core be hard-wired to endpoints.

I don’t think that’s why they recommend it. The reason is that wi-fi is generally not as reliable as wired when it comes to streaming audio. If you do it right though, it works just as well. It works for me.


And your suggestion to turn off the Wi- Fi has answered my question. I never connected the Nuc to my wireless network.

Does that mean it works without wi-fi?

No. To my ear, there’s no comparison; a hard-wire is far superior to wifi in terms of sq. What I’m saying is that, In the daisy chain configuration, Wi-Fi was never turned on. So the signal definitively went from modem to nuc to speakers, Ethernet all the way through.

Yes. No Wi-Fi.

Got it. Did you configure any kind of connection sharing on the NUC? I know you can do it on Windows, not sure on Linux.

Not to my knowledge. I simply followed the instructions on the Roon website. LOL. I am nowhere near sophisticated enough to deal with tinkering beyond that.

Danny has posted that you can bridge ethernet with a usb adaptor and said how to do it. @Henry_McLeod has done and asked for it to be a proper thing in rock like the Melco and Innuos devices do.

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Can you give me a link to Danny’s instructions?

If the speakers are accessible from other computers on your network, then there must be bridging going on.

I can’t sorry. But I think it entailed setting the setting one to a fixed ip and it would not allow internet to the connected device but I am likely wrong I would be surprised it would work just plugging it in but perhaps it just passes through if it’s working for you. I wouldn’t question it just enjoy it.

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Found the thread about it

Danny comments are in there.


Thank you. He expressed the set-up well: we are simply using the nuc itself as a switch. It is good to read that others find a sonic improvement by doing so, rather than letting the modem direct traffic. The sonic presentation is just smoother, sweeter and more coherent. I have no idea why.