Damaged files? No way!

Roon is skipping several files (flac). According to Roon they are damaged. But they aren’t damaged at all. They play fine, they contain no strange characters, and other programs recognize them well. The file length isn’t too long. I don’t understand this. What do I need to do to correct this?


Even if these files play it may be they are still malformed re the FLAC standard.
I would suggest using say dBpowerAmp’s batch converter and transcode the files FLAC to FLAC… which should repair any issues.

If that fails then I think Roon will need sight of couple of tracks to analyse.

Hi, @Brischinsky, thanks for the report! Try out Carl’s suggestion. If that doesn’t help just post here, and we will contact you via PM asking for these files.

Thanks, @Carl!


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dBpowerAmp didn’t help. The files are still “damaged”

What does

flac -t filename.flac


Well, actually they are mp3 files. And where in dBpowerAmp can you give in this command? I am not so familiar with this program. Sorry.

What did you do with dbPoweramp? Did you save your MP3 to another MP3 or to a Flac?

Then this may be able to help you ascertain whether or not there are problems with the files:


Roon tends to adhere closely to standards whereas that’s not necessarily the case with all other players, which may ignore certain errors.

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This proggie shows even more broken files in that album than Roon has found. At least it’s clear now that something is wrong with this album. Thanks for your suggestion, this helped me a lot. Is there something like that for flac files too?

FLAC has it’s own inbuilt integrity checking that can be run from the command line. However, if you’re a Windows user then this multithreaded app will serve you well: