Danger Mouse Jukebox (artist curated playlist)

On Tidal I follow Danger Mouse’s playlist updates (he has a playlist that continually he updates) but I cant find on roon. Looking for assistance.




You need to go into Tidal app and “heart” it. Then sync Roon with Tidal. You should be able to find it after that.

Edit: Also, this looks like a good playlist. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thanks for the quick response! Will do.

Where do you sync Roon with Tidal? I assume in the Roon app. Thx

Sorry. It looks like it is working now. Thanks again

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Left Menu -> Settings -> Services -> Edit -> Sync Library Now

Awesome playlist. He has great taste!

I like Danger Mouse - his playlist would be interesting I assume. Not a Tidal user, but I will let my son know about it.


This is the only Dangermouse in my life with Terry Scott playing Penfold