Danish National Radio public service stations/channels

These are the Danish National Radio public service stations. Could you please add these
Danish National radio public service stations
Regards Jens

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Hi Jens,

Some Danish National radio stations have already been added.

But I am interested in the list you supply as there are ones I haven’t got and also higher bitrate links. But on the list you supply how do you get the URLs for streaming radio? When I click I just get an m3u playlist download and I don’t know what to do with it. How do I use that in an internet radio player?

The AAC streams are .m3u8 and don’t seem to work (I find that in general some do, some don’t).
The mp3 are .m3u, just copy and paste into the add stream

I’ll see if I get time…

Hi Brian,

What does it mean “add stream”. All I see is “add URL”.

Ok, figured it out. You meant right click. Had no idea you could do that with an m3u link.

Sorry Tony, I thought you were a curator… I see now you aren’t.
Anyway, paste things like http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk/A/A03L.mp3.m3u
Into add URL

No, I’ve almost given up. Too hard.

I’ve added P1 and P3. There’s loads of P4s and P5s…

Hi Brian.
The P4 and P5 are the local stations for each region og Denmark

I know, it’s just that it’s going to be a lot of work…

Oh sorry. What can I do to help?

Don’t worry. I’ll just do it bit by bit.

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They should all be there now.

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Hi brian.
There is one channel missing it is DR P1 speech radio (my favorite). The url is:
Would you please add this channel

P1 (and P3) should be there now. Apologies, they’d not been fully added before.

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Hey @BrianW,

Thanks for your help with Denmark Radio. One of our users reported that the radio station for P4 Fyn is actually not playing the P4 Fyn radio station. When they added it as a custom station using the link below, the right radio station played:


Could you please take a look and see if the right link is used for the P4 Fyn radio station in our database?

Thanks in advance,

Changed the stream. Should be Ok now.

Sorry about that.

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Thank you @BrianW - that’s awesome and quick. I appreciate the help :smile:

Happy weekend,

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