DAP journey mkii

So after a disappointment with the iBasso DX160 dreadful wireless and lag I thought my DAP journey had halted. I ordered a Hiby R5 before the madness began as it was ridiculously cheap at £225 from Hiby Store on Ali Express so happy camper here the lowest price in UK is £399 on Amazon it arrived today and I only got charged £15 import tax. Still getting used to it it’s very cute, but the screen seems designed for smaller fingers than my fat British ones. I’ll get used to it I suppose. On the plus side WiFi works and it’s responsive when my fingers make the correct contact. Been streaming from Tidal and Qobuz no issues. Roon as expected is downsampling to 44.1/24 which is tedious. SQ is nice although feels quite clinical I think I prefer the sound of my AudioQuests and the Ifi Nano as they come across a little warmer, maybe I need to play with filters and see.

I’ve got an r3 in a drawer. The UI drove me mad in the end. Gems such as that I had to change my Tidal login as it was too long for the field size…
Sounded fine when playing but PITA otherwise.
TBH I’ve kind of given up on DAPs.
My pioneer is in the garage feeding speakers there.
Non of them seem complete compared to a phone. :frowning:

It’s Android so UI is ok and I am an Android user. I know what you mean though. Sometimes its just easier to have the simplest way even if it’s not the best.

I use android too. I think I’ll wait until the coincidence of roon mobile and my retirement (3 years away for the latter, so I’m being optimistic) to buy again. :wink:

One more annoyance with this DAP and Roon. Roon does not respect the play controls they don’t do anything at all, play , pause ffwd, rew NADA. Every other app works with them not sure why Roon operates differently to other music playback software.

Maybe because it’s not a native Android/iOS app, makes use of .NET/mono and tries to use as much of it’s code base unchanged on any supported platform/device. To do so one limits itself to use the smallest common denominator. Additional play back controls on a DAP are sadly not part of the smallest common denominator.