Darius still alive

According to this artist page, Darius died Aug 2006. The description mentions an album he released in 2014 and further down there are live performances he’s scheduled for this week.

I’m curious, how does Rovi compile this data and why don’t they do basic sanity checking? I don’t have to know anything about French touch electronic music to know that an artist who dropped an album in 2014 can’t have died in 2006. Color me naive, but I’m genuinely worried that Rovi is run by people who don’t give a crap about music and artists.

Hi @soundserge It’s not Rovi, it’s a bad performer equivalence in the Roon backend almost certainly caused by TIDAL merging lots of different artists of the same name under the same ID. We’ll see what we can do edit-wise.

That said, we’re in the process of re-coding our artist equivalence functionality to make this kind of issue a thing of the past.

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Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

Will this eventually help with issue like Eric Johnson the guitarist vs Eric Johnson the photographer? The former gets production credit for the later.

Hi Jeff. Not necessarily. Sometimes it’s equivalence, but sometimes it’s a case of a mistaken identity. That said, it may be possible to weed out some bad credits in code.

@soundserge Edit made for Darius. Up to a week for the update to make it into your library.