Dark Mode On the Community Site!

We recently got a request to implement dark mode on the Community Site. That change is now live!

Enabling Dark Mode

To enable Dark Mode, click your avatar in the top-right of the Community Site and select Preferences:


Then on your Preferences page, select Interface:

That’s it!


A big thank you from my aging eyes😁

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Im not seeing it…maybe I’ll logout and in again…Update… a forced screen refresh seemed to do the trick…all old community screen shots will stand out like dogs you know what’s but hey…1st world problems. Thanks guys. now maybe can get a little something in-between like grey?

This is welcome news!!! WOOT!!!

Update… a forced screen refresh seemed to do the trick

Thank you! I like dark mode SO much better!

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

now… what about letting our (mac)OS auto-set Light/Dark theme according to its day/night schedule? :wink:


Thanks @mike.
Would be nice to have the dark theme also on the Roon ROCK web UI.

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Very nice thanks

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I found a forced refresh on my iPad was needed to see it too, even though it was selected for all active browsers

:+1::+1::heart::+1:. Thanks Roon team!

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So cool! Thanks all

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Thank you! This will make a massive difference on my laptop and main TV, especially in the evening.

I’m happy for everyone who has waited for this but like every other dark interface that are so popular at this moment this one is also plain terrible to my eyes. Why are all these dark interface so black? And why are all the light interfaces so white? I agree the light interface is too white but why is everything in the world so 100% opposite to each other these days as if there is no other option anymore? Literaly black or white, I think that is the biggest mistake in modern UI design. The same counts for Roons interface, either too light or way too dark, nothing in between. I know it is on the “never will do that” list of Roon but custom colours…my biggest dream for the UI.


Excellent, thank you.

I have to say that I lasted all of two hours using the dark theme before I switched back to the light. I think that after a lifetime of reading, I must be too used to black ink on white paper…

For night reading my phone, laptop and desktop turn their brightness down automatically. Together with f.lux or Apples nightshift it’s just o.k. I am not an old fashioned guy but the colourpalettes of modern interfaces are all following the same trend of just being too much of a good thing. As if it is designed for the sake of design and not with usability in mind.

thanks guys!!!

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Much better in dark mode. Thanks for changing this.

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Just made the change!
Really good with electronic ambient photographs more definition

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