Dark Mode On the Community Site!

We recently got a request to implement dark mode on the Community Site. That change is now live!

Enabling Dark Mode

To enable Dark Mode, click your avatar in the top-right of the Community Site and select Preferences:


Then on your Preferences page, select Interface:

That’s it!


A big thank you from my aging eyes😁

Im not seeing it…maybe I’ll logout and in again…Update… a forced screen refresh seemed to do the trick…all old community screen shots will stand out like dogs you know what’s but hey…1st world problems. Thanks guys. now maybe can get a little something in-between like grey?

This is welcome news!!! WOOT!!!

Update… a forced screen refresh seemed to do the trick

Thank you! I like dark mode SO much better!

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

now… what about letting our (mac)OS auto-set Light/Dark theme according to its day/night schedule? :wink:

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Thanks @mike.
Would be nice to have the dark theme also on the Roon ROCK web UI.

Very nice thanks

I found a forced refresh on my iPad was needed to see it too, even though it was selected for all active browsers

:+1::+1::heart::+1:. Thanks Roon team!