Dark mode text bodies readability

I don’t know if it’s just me, but after a few seconds of trying to read a body of text in dark mode (say a bio of Vivaldi) my eyes just start to swim uncontrollably and it smears and jumps all over the place, and quickly becomes migraine inducing. I didn’t have this issue in 1.7.

Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just a certain sensitivity of mine? Light mode isn’t much better (and overall more headache inducing not even considering the text).

I hope this is something that the Roon team take seriously, as the whole intention of their software (and esp this release) is about music discovery and knowledge, which falls off the cliff if one can’t even read what they are trying to discover/learn. If I could only have one change and live with all of the other design decisions it would be to make body text more readable. I actually enjoy and appreciate the album reviews, bios etc but now they are totally useless to me.

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I find the album reviews/comments specially hard to read. Same as you I did not have problems in Roon 1.7

What devices are you experiencing this with?

Could it be you’re using switch-mode regulated LED lighting near by, which may cause optical beat frequency and flicker?

I actually prefer the new presentation on iPhone 6+, Samsung S5 (Android10-LineageOS 17.1) and Dell XPS13 remotes…

Possibly. But it’s pretty much the same on MacBook Air, Mac Pro with 27" monitor, iPad and Pixel phone under different lighting. I think it’s just poor use of typography is all.

Because too black background enhances contrast and maybe your eyes get tired and lose focus. Thats how i feel with the new color scheme.

The choice of colors that everyone complains doesnt bother me much but the solid black background is not comfortable. The old transparent look blended well with the album cove. But now on the solid background while I am reading I focus to album art, rounded artists and etc… It doesnt blend well … At least they should give us the option to disable some elements such as the credits mentioned in a biography… They are already in the text colored as links I dont need a rounded list of them on the right side .

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