Dark theme for the forum please!

+1 …again

It is a lot of light indeed, but black I do not like. I prefer light grey as background.

+1 especially when reading in the middle of the night :slightly_frowning_face:

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+1 please…

+1 from me as well.

+1. Options are good. Late night reading needs dark mode.

+1 from me.

This has finally (thank you!) been implemented.

yes now we need grey like the Naim community has too and we can be complete


I find the grey theme as available on the Naim forum is the easiest for me to read. Hopefully it is an easy enough task to make this available?



the past few days, my preference for dark theme has stopped being persistent. using Safari on Monterey 12.4. I have to manually change it to dark each time I visit.

Try resetting them to Dark again (and Save). I had to do this when the font changed and again after it went back to normal. All OK today.

if u use ios,download noir app,turns every website into dark mode

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