Darko opines on posters. Archimago (eventually) opines on Darko

Eventually? The Darko post is recent, but the Archimago post is from October.

I didn’t mean it to be as a response to Darko.

By ‘eventually’, I meant the bit about Darko comes late in the blog post.

Eventualy as in space, not as in time. :smirk:

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I was so taken by Darko’s line “Too many dicks on the dance floor” that I figured it couldn’t actually be his, so I looked it up. It’s a song from “Flight of the Conchords”.

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John can raise some interesting issues and reviews offer a look into his world or even room. It’s interesting how only Facebook appears to only (and worse place) to have comment. Maybe too much time wasted in reading in all of the social media feeds and nothing too much gained. Saying that if your living in the online world you have to take the good and bad.
Believe me, working out there with the general public is not too pleasant either, not a million miles away from social media.

Yes, I’ve seen some interesting stuff in Darko’s column. Must be very difficult to be a columnist (blogger, vlogger, whatever) and have to keep churning out column after column every week.

I highly recommend this TV serie.

“Feeling emboldened, we might take on a storied product designer to question his or her engineering decisions, reframing their compromises as errors of judgement despite our complete lack of experience in designing a product and bringing it to market. We have never walked in their shoes but that won’t stop us from only affording their reasoning merit if and when it is backed by a peer-reviewed white paper. If push comes to shove, we’ll venture a conspiracy theory, always a crowd-pleaser, to get us off any judgemental hook. With our words playing to the proclivities of the herd, we have the potential to score big, each thread respondent praising us for our honesty, thus enlarging our ego-boner and generating a smaller ego-boner of his own. (Yes, it’s always a he) .”

Ouch! I’ll admit I’ve done this. It makes me feel ashamed and it should.

Whoa! Another round! Autistic fantasies, indeed! “Their hearts worship at the Temple of Solipsism.”

(I had something for this… The Umpire Strikes Back?)

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‘…mouthpieces-acting-as-independent-reviewers…’ sums them up perfectly.

Just got around to reading Archimago’s blog you posted… Thanks.

Darko and LaVorgna arer quite a pair. Archimago at one point refers to an “echo chamber”. I would call the podcast a particular type of mutual “circle” instead.

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I always love Archimago’s blog posts. Very informative and a bright spot on the internet for digital audio users.


I have had no experience of LaVorgna, only hearing him being described and referred to by others in various blog posts and forums over the years. Never in a good light and invariably with an 8 letter word included in the reference (ending in hole).