Darn - Daft Punk is no more!

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And that’s that.

Their video about it. Seems like they’re saying one of them wanted to going on and the other one didn’t:

nooooooo Frenchies … :frowning:

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I have a lot of admiration for the work and career of Daft Punk. I had been scratching my head about what they could do following Random Access Memories in 2013. Such a masterpiece, a perfect circle closed. I like that their goodbye clip finishes with a children choir singing “Love is the answer” (they are both fathers).

Still I feel a bit sad, and lots come to mind…
The early videos Da Funk, Around the world, bold, innovative.
Homework, a manifesto, rock, house, noisy, ambitious, fun…
Discovery, better, stronger. Interstella 5555.
Alive 2007 in Paris Bercy: I was at that concert. 10000 people rolling and scratching. The beginning and the end of interesting EDM.
Pure energy, stunned by the visuals.
The words: a few, powerful, hashtags before hashtags.
TRON 2: not a great movie, the first part of the soundtrack is average, the second is incredibly powerful when the machines take over the orchestral score.
The climax: RAM. Back to to the roots. Amazing compositions, collaborations. A level of production that has and will make the profession ask for a long time: HOW DID THEY DO?
Obsession and control.
Success and secrecy.
Excellence or nothing.
Thank you DP!


Time to boot RAM for a listening session.

Does anybody know what this 2020 release is? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A robot divorce is never easy and can negatively affect those around them.

Still mourning. Digged out this one for fun, Daft Punk medley by the French National Guard, feat. Donald Trump

I’m a big fan of Daft Punk, but that is over-egging the pudding a bit for me. There is plenty of great EDM around now, and there was in the mid to late 90s as well.

I’m sad to see them split though, especially as I never got to see them live :frowning: