Data Access of metadata (all at once)

I have two questions.

  1. I’d like to print elements of the metadata for lookup on paper. Doesn’t apprear there is any provision to print anything or generate a file that could be printed .

  2. The meta data I’d like to sort on is a Comment tag inside the track information. The comment is a CD index number that I put on all my physical CDs to store. I can open a Roon album, go to a track, open the track information and then open tags to find the Comment but obviously its buried deep and available only one album at a time. That isn’t conducive to managing the data

If you’re talking about metadata within the track files themselves, then I think you’d be better off using a third party metadata editor to access and collect this sort of data.

You can use Roon to export the metadata that it uses (which is not necessarily the same as file metadata) to an Excel spreadsheet. Select the tracks/albums/artists/composers/compositions you want to export and then click the “3-dot” menu at the top of the relevant screen to choose Export.

License restrictions restrict which metadata which can be “freely dissimilated” or some such lawyer-speak. The export process mentioned by Geoff won’t have some production credits, any metadata text, genre tags, or performance dates.

Allmusic makes it painful to copy their content…on purpose.

The only metadata I want is the album, composer, and my Comment. None of that should be restricted.

This might work for one album, but I’m interested in all albums at once. No three dots at the albums level.

So I will bit. Can you give me an example of a metadata editor???

You simply select multiple albums, e.g. (in Windows: Ctrl-A in the Album browser to select all albums). However, since you’re talking about the Comment metadata field in the track file, this is not exported by Roon (since Roon doesn’t use it directly). File metadata editors such as Mp3tag or Media Monkey should be used.

Here’s what I got (scrunched the columns a bit):

Thanks but doesn’t help with viewing my comment tag in the metadata. I did get what I wanted but had to use and old JRiver 22. It displays anything in the metadata, regardless at the track album or all album level and you can copy and print. Thats OK