Data size in Ipad's Roon App

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Rock , roon 1.7 build 610. OS version 1.0 build 227
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Brinkmann Nyquist via Ethernet
Description Of Issue

Why is the size of data and documents in Roon’s app is more than 7 GB?

That is normal , its a cache of your library data to save having to load stuff every time you use the app

I assume its proportional to your library size

There have been numerous post along this line , maybe search the forum for more info

Hi, thanks.
I have about 64 k tracks.
What will be the effect in using Roon if deleting the data stored on the Ipad?

I never tried it but I expect it will slow down using the app. The idea of a Cache is to pre load often used data to save repeated loading when you use the app. I would imagine a list of Artist, albums etc

Maybe @support can comment on deleting it ?

64K is a fair library , mine is around 150 , I haven’t checked the data recently , but my iPad is 128g so space isn’t really an issue.

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Hello @isaac_ross, and thanks for posting! I’d like to check with our QA team before you do that. Please stand by!

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@nuwriy do you have the QA answer?

Hello @isaac_ross, my apologies for the delayed response. You’re good to go on going to “Settings>Setup>Clear Image Cache” on your device. This will be a temporary solution as you add more to your library, but our QA team is looking into making improvements to this process in the future.

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@nuwriy,what cause the big storage in my IPad?
Do I need to change any of the settings in the iPad or maybe the rock was not installed the right way?

Hello @isaac_ross, you shouldn’t need to make any changes to settings for this issue. Like I said, our team would like to make improvements to this caching issue too. And this storage is caused by metadata, album cover art, etc.

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@nuwriy . I did the clear cache. It didn’t reduce the storage size of the app.
What can be done to reduce the storage size of the app.? It is now about 5 giga.
Also, many of the albums covers won’t show. How can I can bring them back

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