Database cannot be read after update (Mac OS X)

After update from Roon the DB cannot be read anymore. No Information or workaround offered.

What to do?

restore database from a backup

will not help as the issue is associated to the database which shall be upgraded. if that does not work with the one currently used it will neither with the one from the backup as they are the same.

If it’s an old version backup I’m not sure if the new core will see this and migrate it again, my assumption is that it should work…of course if you don’t have a backup then will need to perhaps start a new database…rename the old ones folder.

I de-installed and re-installed the new version. odd.

Hi @martin_foerster ---- Thank you for the report and sorry to hear of the troubles.

I wanted to touch base and see if any further assistance is required here. Just drop “support” a flag (@support) and we’ll be glad to lend a hand :wink: