Database continually deleting itself

Mac mini running Catalina with the current version of Roon, connected to a Qnap 871t viaTHunderbolt.

Audio unite include a Weiss usb interface connected directly to the Mac mine, some Sonos units and various Mac Pro’s with usb dac’s

Since upgrading to Catalina, Roon is scanning the music library on the qnap server and will appear to work normally for a day or so but then drops all the music on the nas and starts to scan it over again. 10,000 plus albums so it takes a while. If I look in the library section of settings, it shows that all the tracks have been deleted from the file system (144,000 tracks)

Everything had been rock solid until Catalina and associated changes to the QNAP software.

Hi @robert_cooper,

Can you share screenshots of Settings > Storage and Settings > Library > Clean Up Library?




The problem is still there in version 1.7

Hi @robert_cooper,

The next time you launch Roon and you see the rescan happening please let me know the time in your local timezone that you notice the issue. We will then enable diagnostics and review the diagnostics report so we can better understand what was happening at that time.


It seems unusual to use a 169.254.x.x address (DHCP not accessible or usable). Have you tried using a static IP (or proper DHCP reservation) for your music server?

The database has finished adding back in all the tracks so I would expect it to dump them all in the next 12-24 hours, based on recent experience.

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