Database Corrupt Roon Rock No HDrive with back up. Just want to Reset and start from zero

I would like to start my RoonRock core from Zero. Data base is corrupt my external HDrive died where the back ups where. SO I just want to manage Tidal and Qobuz, and have my Playlist i dont care if I lose the old playlist. Every time I start the nuc not even 3 seconds on Roon and suddenly the Screen message its the following “There was an issue Loading your Library” .
Please help me how to do…

Go to the Web Administration page of your ROCK/NUC system and click the Rest Button of the Roon Database and Settings section. This will erase your database and create a fresh version.

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Thank ypu Geof. The thing is that when I restart the nuc it goes unmediately to the withe scrren with the following message ( screen attached) . With no time to get into the setup.

In there a way to do it.

Then first try reinstalling the Operating System via the Web Administration page, followed by a Database reset. If that doesn’t work, report back here and we’ll try something else.

The Web Interface can also be accessed by:

  1. Typing in the IP Address of the RoonOS Device in a Web Browser

  2. Typing the hostname, for example http://rock , http://nucleus , or http://nucleusplus

  3. Typing the .local suffix for the device, for example http://rock.local , http://nucleus.local , or http://nucleusplus.local

Hey @cristian_garcia,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and I’m sorry to hear you’re running into issues with a corrupt database on your ROCK.

Luckily, you’re in excellent hands here with next steps from @Geoff_Coupe and @wizardofoz. Please let me know if you’re unable to go through the suggestions above, and are still running into issues :+1:

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply - Ben

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