Database Inconsistency

I currently have a Roon trail, and noticed a inconsistency in the Roon database. It is about the “Beethoven - The Piano Sonatas” EMC records by András Schiff. Two volumes are using different data format for the Title and Album Artist:
• Vol. I and V: “Title” Piano Sonatas Schiff and “Album Artist” Beethoven
• Vol. II,III,IV,VI,VII and VIII: “Title” Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Schiff and “Album Artist” András Schiff

I believe that the volumes I and V are incorrect. I was able to change it locally, but is there a way to request a database change so that other users will get the correct data immediately?

Hi @fmb-audio — Thanks for reaching out!

Can you share a screenshot of these two albums so we can take a closer look?


Hello Dylan,

Here the screenshot album V

After I took this screenshot I re-identified the album, and tadaa it is showing the correct data. Hmmm. Same thing with album I.

I am a new Roon user, and imported a lot of tagged flac files however, I do prefer the Roon database because the flac tags are fitted to work well with JRiver.

So I guess that in fact this issue seems to be no issue after all.

Thanks anyway and best regards,