Database Location on Mac

Hi all, I cannot seem to be ablse to backup my Roon because I cannot find the database. I found this official explantion:

Database Location

On OSX, you can find your Roon (or RoonServer) folder by following these steps:
1. Open Finder and click Go in the top bar
2. Hold down the Alt key to unhide the Library folder
3. Click the Library folder

In my Finder I cannot see “Go” however, and holding down the Alt key does not unhide anything. Any help would be welcomed.

Thanks and all the best,


Start up your Mac and login on your desktop after logging in look at the top bar and you should see the apple symbol and to the right is the GO tab, hold down the option key and click the mouse on go and half way down on the drop down you will see the library icon, select that.


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Are you saying you don’t have a “Ga” (Go) on top of your screen like the one below when you’re in your Finder or click the Finder window?

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Found it, many thanks to you!

What version of mac OS/OS X are you using, Here is my menu bar in mac OS 10.12.2.

When I click ‘Go’, and then hold down the shift key (in mac OS Sierra, the shift key does not reveal this), I can access the Library folder in my user folder.

Good luck, let us know how you make out.

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Whoops. Too slow to be helpful!

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Just in time for 1.3! :wink: Did you receive the e-mail from the Roon team yet? :smiley:

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Still awesome! Thanks for your help buddy

I did. Is it downloadable already?

I’m afraid not. I’m checking every now and then but it’s still 1.2 here. Patience, patience… :smiley: