Database maintenance

(Larry Post) #1

Over the past 18 months, my database has grown to ~26GB. I have 7200 albums. It’s working fine and I back it up routinely to two locations.

Does the backup routine run db maintenance and/or compaction to remove white space or can this be done manually to ensure the db is a lean as possible?

I do run the Library cleanup every few weeks; mostly to remove Tidal albums/track that become unavailable…

(Noris) #2

Hi @Larry_Post,

I would recommend not touching any of the database folders as that can cause issues and possibly lead to corruption. The database size may vary depending on how many edits you have made, and if it’s not causing any issues other than taking up additional storage space I would leave it as is and let Roon perform the backups as normal.

– Noris

(Larry Post) #4

No intention of touching the db folders. I was just curious if any maintenance routines are scheduled, or should we just trust the db is always going to be OK?

In my experience as a 30 year IT veteran, databases go sideways for numerous reasons and they all require maintenance. I do keep two separate backup locations and have restored for new hardware builds several times without issue.

(Mike) #5

Yup, this is what I would recommend. We’re always seeking out higher quality artist photos and album covers, so growing database isn’t too surprising or unexpected here.

The library maintenance feature is more targeted at use cases like “i’ve deleted 3000 old MP3 albums, and I don’t want my database tracking content I no longer own”.

In short, it’s not something you need to do periodically.