Database Not updating after upgrading to Roon 1.7 (Build 610)

Hi @Edmond_Chung,

Once other question came up, can you please let me know if the EasyStore drive is the only ExFAT drive? How are the working drives formatted, are they also ExFAT or a different file format?
Also can you please share screenshot of your Web UI including networking info?

The other USB drives connected to ROCK are formatted NTFS.

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Thanks for the info, @Edmond_Chung.

We spoke with our senior tech team and we’re going to enable some additional diagnostics on your account. Once the diagnostics report comes in we’ll review with the team and follow up soon.


Hi @Edmond_Chung,

We have been keeping an eye for the diagnostics report that @dylan mentioned, but it doesn’t appear to be arriving on our end. Can you please perform a reboot of your ROCK via the Web Interface when you have a chance?

I never figured out why it was not working but I fixed it functionally.
I reformatted the Easystore drive from ExFat to NTFS.
Now it updates in real time again.

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Hello @Edmond_Chung,

Thanks for letting us know that changing the file format resolved the issue for you here.
If you have any further difficulties with Roon, please just let us know!

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