Database replicating songs from time to time


I transferred 1 year ago my database from an DS-S101-G to a NUC i7 with Roon Rock.
I just backuped the database and imported it again on the new NUC.
It already happened 2x and now again. Many songs are suddenly 2 or more times on the same playlist. The first 2 times I deleted all manually by hand and it took me many, many hours. Now it happened again. I got again many songs 2-3 even 4x on my database. It’s getting really annoying.

Anyone had this happen? How can I solve this problem? I can click on the filter to show duplicates, but I still need to manually select those hunderts of replicates and delete them.
I would like to avoid this again.

Thank you

I started to delete yesterday manually. I selected all duplicates. As you see I got 4655 duplicates of 6677 total. So that means my library has 2022 songs and I got 4655 duplicates that I need to delete by hand! This will take me many hours and it happened now a few times!
This is a huge bug of Roon, how can it be fixed?!

nobody any idea what this could be or how I could solve this problem?

Hi @michel_buchs ,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you please provide some more details on the playlist, how was this created? Was it created in Roon or is this an M3U playlist? Where are these playlists stored? How many storage locations do you have active under Roon Settings → Storage?


The playlist was created on the Elac DS-S101-G. I then made a backup, installed ROCK on the Nuc and loaded the backup on this NUC.

In Roon Settings/Storage: it is written: Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage. 955 tracks imported.

Hi @michel_buchs ,

Apologies for the slow response here. I was looking over your initial screenshot and I noticed that this is a shared playlist. Do you by any chance have multiple user profiles and have added the same playlist in more than just one way? Perhaps one of your other Roon remotes is using a different profile?


No problem.
I have my profile and my wife.
I noticed that indees this playlisthad as owner “shared (visible to all users)”.
Shall Input it to only my name? She doesn’t really uses this profile but uses mine.

Ok. Today I copied about 100 songs from another Tidal playlist I have to my problematic playlist. Now it happened again! It doubled and trippled ALL my playlist!!! And owner is set now only to me.
I really am ■■■■■■. Do I have to delete again manually 3500songs?! Last time it took me many hours!!:unamused:

Having now 7597 but 5536 are duplicate. So I would need to select by hand 5536 tracks to delete. Now about 4th time I delete that…sorry, that is bot acceptable anymore. :pensive:

If you create a new playlist and put some songs on it, do the songs duplicate on this new playlist? Or is this just an issue with that one playlist?

I habe several other playlists, none did this ever. Only this one. And I habe the suspision that it only happena if I copy songs from another playlist to this one.

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Any update or anyone that can fix this bug?
Found another playlist with lost tracks I copied. It had around 100-200 songs originally, now it’s ober 44’000!!!

The old thread was closed, but the bug is still here.
Really would like someone from Roon support lookimg at his.:pray:

Has anyone asked you where you are saving your Roon DB back-up to? This sounds to me like it might be set to back-up to your RoonOS drive? Which would cause Roon to have issues. It reads the DB backup and thinks there is another storage location and basically duplicates everything, So the more back-up sets it makes the more files it thinks there are.

This might not be your issue but it is worth checking.

Here is a warning about it:

and here is some info about nackups for you if needed:


Not that the problem. Backup is manually on my remote Windows PC. I do it evey month or so manually…
But who knows, maybe that ia the bug origin?

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I already posted a while ago here: Database still replicating songs!

But nothing has been fixed so far. I am really frustrated.
Again, my Roon (latest version) duplicated my main playlist and I got 1900 songs duplicated that I would need again to delete all each one by hand. I did this now 3x, I am sick of it spending hours and hours deleting duplicated songs.
How can it be that Roon implements all the time updates but this database problem is not fixed?

I also can’t go back in backups. I tried to go back a few days. The duplicated songs are gone but also many many other songs. I really could not figure out which ones but I see that many songs are missing. So I went back to the newest backup from 1.December that contains all songs + 1900 duplicates.

I really would like someone from the Roon team look at this.
I got backups from the database before it was duplicated and after. I did nothing else than add a few songs the past few days, as usual.

I also found my “LOST” playlist where I put many songs that Roon could not find anymore so I could search them at a later point. This were around 100 songs, now it duplicated them to 44’135 songs!!

It’s a NUCi7 with Roon Rock on it. Although I am pretty sure this is not a HW issue here.
Tracks I would have around 5000-7’000 total on about 15 playlists, but with the duplicates I am hitting now more the 50-60’000! And only 2 playlists that I restored from a backup from my old system are doing this. So there seems to be a bug in reading this database that seems to have a minor diffenrece.

I was also asking myself what happens if I copy this MixMax database to a new one, if this problem still persists?


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