Database replicating songs from time to time


I transferred 1 year ago my database from an DS-S101-G to a NUC i7 with Roon Rock.
I just backuped the database and imported it again on the new NUC.
It already happened 2x and now again. Many songs are suddenly 2 or more times on the same playlist. The first 2 times I deleted all manually by hand and it took me many, many hours. Now it happened again. I got again many songs 2-3 even 4x on my database. It’s getting really annoying.

Anyone had this happen? How can I solve this problem? I can click on the filter to show duplicates, but I still need to manually select those hunderts of replicates and delete them.
I would like to avoid this again.

Thank you

I started to delete yesterday manually. I selected all duplicates. As you see I got 4655 duplicates of 6677 total. So that means my library has 2022 songs and I got 4655 duplicates that I need to delete by hand! This will take me many hours and it happened now a few times!
This is a huge bug of Roon, how can it be fixed?!