Database split between Roon Metadata(incl. Playlists, ...) and technical data (endpoints, technical configurations, ...)

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to backup/restore all your music related data apart from Roon technical data, such as endpoints in use with their configuration, etc…

Now, when something goes completely wrong and you need to do a re-install, there is always some ‘praying’ involved that all your music data will still be intact.

Whilst in fact those (should not) have any relationship with your Roon network setup.



It will also be nice to be able not to back-up the images, unless they are manually added. They count for the biggest part of the backup and they are absolutely redundant. What is really needed in the backup is all the custom metadata (favorites, tags, bookmarks, track analyses, play counts and so on).


Maybe a preference for us meta-data nerds to say we do (default) or do not want the images backed up. I suspect this is too niche to implement, but it would be nice.