Database update causing connection issues with Roon remote devices (ref#8WQN3P)

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After a database update by your system today none of my Room remote devices will connect to the core. I even reinstalled room remote one one and it sees the core but won’t connect. What was in that DB upgrade that is causing this?

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It isnt a hardware problem. The system was working fine prior to this DB upgrade you forced upon me!

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This is NOT the problem!

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This is Also NOT the problem!

While you may be right that the issue is not caused by the network, nonetheless, the question is asked for a reason. Please give as much detail on your Roon and network setup as you can to assist the Support team in their diagnosis of your issue.

Screenshots are also very helpful. Thank you.

My system and network have been working flawlessly for several years. I do an update and suddenly none of my Roon Remotes will connect to the core. Oh, sorry, the server as you’ve chosen to call it now. How do I roll back to the version that actually works?

I have a windows 10pro PC connected directly to my ATT Modem/Router. No other switches or routers in between. I have my Roon Remotes connected to the wireless on the same ATT router. I have no internal firewall protection. Yet I have a Pixel 7 phone and two Android Tablets that were working and at this point they all go to a screen that states “choose your roon core” and never get past that. They continue to say “Looking for your roon core”. On my phone and one of my tabs I’ve actually uninstalled Roon Remote and downloaded it again from Google Play. This made no difference. I don’t know how I could make the network any cleaner than than this. This all transpired immediately after the latest Roon update. When I go to Settings/About it says I have Roon 2.0 (1353) and “assures” me this is the latest/greatest version. I thought maybe my Android Tabs were too old, but it doesn’t work on a Pixel 7 either. That can’t be the problem. Where do I look next? The core itself seems to work fine off the PC using a Lyngdorf Amplifier in ASIO mode as a output if you think you need to know that.

Hi @Robert_Watson,

Please verify that RoonAppliance.exe has been added to your Windows Firewall exceptions list, as well as RoonServer.exe and Roon.exe.

We’ll proceed from there if that doesn’t help.

This fixed the problem. Thanks! But there were two instances of RA in the list. One was checked for public and one for private. Should they both be checked for public and private pass-through? What is the recommended configuration?
Also, I’m still not sure why this happened. Nothing has changed for years and this problem only cropped-up with the last version upgrade.
Thank you again for your help on this!

The last version upgrade was a major change to the architecture of Roon. For some reason, the upgrade process did not automatically add the required exception for roonappliance.exe to your Firewall.