Date Added conundrum

Hi - can anyone please advise me on the following Roon challenge?

I have just bought a new server (Antipodes CX) to take over from a Sonic Transporter.

Before setting up Roon on the Antipodes, I backed up the Roon database from the Sonic Transporter. I then imported this database as a restore into to the new Roon instance on the Antipodes and then copied all the music from the internal hard disk of the Sonic Transporter to the Antipodes internal hard disk.

Ideally I would like to retain the ‘Date Added’ information from the Sonic Transporter but at the moment Roon is showing everything on the new server as added today - not what I wanted or was expecting. I want to have recent albums float to the top, not see all the albums I’ve bought when I was 18 at the top of the list.

Is there a way of having the new server retain the date added information from the previous library?

Thanks in advance if anyone can advise!

Congrats on the Antipodes. Wonderful server and renderer. I’ve found that if you do restore and the “fix” the path to your new location by editing the old locations the data stays the same.

Well, the path has been set to the new internal disk but still today’s date is showing for date added - it’s as though it’s a new Roon install. So it seems my restore was worthless and a new database has been created, whereas I just wanted to restore the previous one.

Maybe I should just import the restore database once again now that the music has landed on the new hard disk?

Thanks for your response, by the way!

I made sure i used the same folders on the ssd i put in the EX. I then did another restore. I went to the storage path for wach of the items that was red. I used the three dots to edit it and pointed to the new ssd folders. That worked for me. Good luck.

BTW… I think I’ve seen you over on Head-fi as well. Not so many fan boys here thank goodness.

You should review the “how to migrate my music” FAQ.

Basically, you have to disable the new internal storage location and then edit the old storage location to the new location. This will preserve your data. Kind of like in the pic below. The Internal Storage is Disabled, and then the old storage patch is Edited to point to the new location.

Hi @Unclemonty,

It sounds like you had Roon accidentally watching both music folders at the same time, and Roon picked up the duplicate tracks as “new”.

I would restore from a backup and make sure that Roon only sees one copy of your files at the same time, please see Preserve Edits Guide for more information.

This problem is now resolved with the suggestions above. Roon was indeed watching two folders simultaneously.

Thanks to those above who helped out.

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That’s fantastic news @Unclemonty, glad to hear that our suggestions helped!

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