"Date Added" & "Last Played" dates not tagged for new Playlist additions -- Core 1.8 903, Remote 1.8 903

Very occasionally the Date Added and Last Played tags are updated. The vast majority of files in a playlist, however, have no tags.

This makes it impossible to sort Playlists with the newest tracks shown first.

If a playlist is large, one has to scroll for a long time to find the newest files, because the fields /tags that are supposed to label a track as having been recently added to the playlist, or even recently played, are unpopulated.

Hi @Itacud,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question, we’d be happy to explain.

The columns that you mentioned, Date Added, and Last Played, refer to the date the album or track was added to your Roon library, and the last time it was played in Roon. Those dates don’t indicate when the track was added to the playlist or the last time the track was played in the playlist. Any play in Roon will affect the Last Played date shown.

If the album or track wasn’t in your library when it was added to the playlist you won’t see anything in either the Date Added or Last Played columns.

You can, however, use the scroll bar to navigate to the bottom of the list quickly, you can also use FN and the Down arrow on Mac to scroll down.

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