Dave vs. David Gahan

Hi @joel

don’t know if you already fixed the “David/Dave Gahan” issue:

When I go to the artist Dave Gahan in my library, it looks like this:

This is more or less nothing, please compare to Tidal.

When I search for David Gahan in Tidal, I get this result:

There is no result because there is no artist David Gahan.

That means: Somehow merging Dave and David Gahan is not the solution to this problem, David Gahan is just wrong. The solution is to rename David Gahan to Dave Gahan. David Gahan should not exist at all!

Is this possible? If not, why? Thanks for your answer!


Hi @Boris_Schaedler,

Thanks for the report. There are a number of issues here.

First, the edit has taken effect.

Second, the use of David is an editorial decision (or mistake) by one of our metadata providers. We have notified them of this and they are reviewing. For what it’s worth, I agree with you!

Finally, we have no metadata for “dave gahan” (in lower case) as presented in your screenshot. This is almost certainly coming from your file tags.

Thanks for taking a look at this!

Yes, “dave gahan” is coming from my file tags. But I assume “Dave Gahan” wouldn’t change anything. I have more than one album tagged with artist “dave gahan”, but they do not show up. These albums are listet under “David Gahan”, although I set everything to “prefer file” in roon settings.

Are you referring to the name of the album artist? Yes, the same metadata provider has got some of them wrong too, even though it clearly says “Dave Gahan” on the cover.

You can edit the album artist manually (it’s a different setting), but if you can hold off for a few days, I’m sure we’ll get a response and I can advise the best course of action.

No, I only use the “artist” tag in all my files…

But my expectation was to find all albums tagged with artist “dave gahan”, when I search for “dave gahan”, and not just this one album you can see in the screenshot.

I think this one album is found/listet because it is not an official album you can buy or so, these are just some tracks…

So let’s wait. Thanks again for your help! :sunglasses:

Hi @Boris_Schaedler. Our metadata provider has changed all David Gahan references to Dave Gahan. :slight_smile: These changes will take about a week or so to be reflected in your library. Perhaps we can re-visit this then and verify that things are better?

Cool :sunglasses: Thank you!
I will let you know when everything is fine!

Hey @joel Dave is now Dave :ok_hand:t4:


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