David Bowie - A new Career in a New Town [1977-1982]

On this boxset there are multiple discs that correspond to each album (Heroes Remastered, Low Remastered, etc). Track numbers are all sequential but the album title and cover tags are different for each disc.

So this is recognized as a multi-disc album (everything is labeled Stage Live 2017). How can Roon recognize this as a boxset and yet show for each disc its corresponding album title and cover???

roon cannot do this currently.

There are several requests for this and the team behind roon is aware of this. No idea what the status is progress wise.

This is not as easy as you would think. As example, Is there artwork / full metadata available for each individual disc that roon can pull?

I my opinion the boxset handling is not on the same level of sophistication as the rest of the metadata capabilities in roon. Especially the disc numbering is the weak point. Hope they can improve on this.

Yss, I’ve seen many threads over the years but was not sure about the current status.

I think one easy fix could be to be able to assign names to the discs on the discset. Such as Disc 1 becomes “Heroes (Remastered)”, etc. But yes, I agree that it is not a simple matter.