David Bowie albums listed 3 times?

I had a quick search for “albums listed multiple times in tidal” and found nothing so I hope I’m doing something really silly like missing a setting somewhere.

This PC Roon v1.3 (build 269) stable (64-bit)
Core Roon v1.3 (build 269) stable (64-bit)

Search for David Bowie, select TIDAL Artists, select David Bowie.
Leave role as performer, scroll down to TIDAL main albums, and we see:

David Bowie twice, but different versions, so that’s OK.
David Bowie (AKA Space Oddity) [2015 Remastered three times, and all appear identical

Select View All Main Albums

CHAOS, many albums listed multiple times with same apparent version.

And let’s face it, not even Bowie REALLY did time travel. Recorded in December '69, Originally released in November '69, this 2015 remaster released in September '69.

And this appears to be by no means limited to Mr Bowie.

I hope I’m doing something wrong.


It’s the same remaster in three different formats:

MQA that unfolds to 96 kHz
MQA that unfolds to 192 kHz

As far as I know, the only way to figure this out is to play a song and check the signal path.

Thanks for the info Rob.

Am I alone in thinking that is a silly way to handle multiple formats ?

  1. The album gets listed n times depending on the formats available
  2. It doesn’t even tell you what the format is

Is this being looked at for v1.4 I wonder ? Maybe an extra layer to handle multiple formats of the same album release ? It’s potentially only going to generate more duplication as more formats are utilised.

And there is still the issue of a 2015 remaster being released 3 months before the album was recorded in 1969. Or a 2012 remaster of Ziggy being released in 1972. Or maybe the Ziggy is how it’s supposed to be reported though I don’t see why.

Yeah, it can be a drag. It’s not much better if you use the Tidal app, so I’m guessing Roon is working within that limitation.

The recording/release dates don’t “tie-up” for many items in Tidal! It looks like there’s a problem with fields in a database being incorrectly linked as this type of error is so common (I’ve been looking at the ECM catalogue in Tidal, loads of errors).

Local library entries appear to be fine in the main, maybe someone out in the ether can shed a little more light on this issue?