David Bowie "No Plan" EP on Tidal but not in Roon

I read that Bowie’s last recorded material was available as “No Plan” and tried to find it with Roon search…but it wasn’t there. So, I went to the Tidal app and looked, and it was definitely there. I favorited it, but it never showed up in Roon.

It’s definitely there in Tidal, and plays, so…any idea what’s going on?

Some albums may take a day or two to be put in the Roon database. As this was a surprise release the other day I’m sure that’s the reason. I’m sure it will be in Roon shortly.

Just add it to your Favs in Tidal then Re Syn in Roon

I did, as I indicated in my original message. Doing so does not make it show up.

It’s just the delay in cyber space. Tidal and Roon have to re sync as well. This happens more frequently than it used to so it shouldn’t take long.
Think Logistics.

I don’t think so, Chris - it’s been two days, and other favorited albums (since then) have shown up. I think the album is missing from Roon’s side, even while the others aren’t…

I can’t think it’s excluded so it must be ‘back office’ delay of some kind, or a bug.

Agreed - wasn’t sure which, which is why I reported it. We’ll see! :slight_smile:

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Please try again now.

For me (UK TIDAL region), a search for “No Plan - EP” finds it on the first page of results.

Searching for “David Bowie” and clicking on the TIDAL Artists result, then “View All Singles and EPs”, “No Plan - EP” is the last album.

Indeed, it’s now there. However, even though I’ve added it to my favorites on Tidal, it’s taking if I want to add it to my library in the search results?