Day 13 Music Challenge!

OK Music Lovers! Today we’re going for some soul! Have a listen to this one:


A quick note FYI: This is another album that I’m hearing for the first time along with you (the other one was the Smile sessions) and it was a last minute change to the lineup this AM after waking up to one of his songs and reading the backstory. If you are remotely interested, the Charles Bradley backstory is worth reading.

Alright! Let’s get to voting!

  • Now this moves me! (5 stars)
  • Meh…(3 stars)
  • Not feeling it. (1 star)

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Day 12 Challenge is here: Day 12

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I like this, ill take you up on the challenge! :smiley:

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Perfect! Don’t forget to vote! :grin:

I’m a Charles Bradley fan - so…perhaps not up to the level of his 2011 release…it still gets :+1: from me.


Sheesh…Had to edit the header. Thought it was Friday because tomorrow is a day off. :laughing:

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Bradley has a very soulful voice and delivery. The only downside of the recording is the lack of variation in the songs - they are all mid-tempo soul ballads. Makes for a slightly boring recording.

So did anyone else notice the riff from “Summer Breeze” at around 3:10 of track 3 “Nobody But You”?

Absolutely. Made me peek right up and wonder what he was going to do next with it.

I really liked Bradley’s voice. Just didn’t think the material made the most of it, so overall a little disappointing. Once again listening with cans and will give the album some air over the weekend.

My picks: Nobody But You and Things We Do for Love.

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Apologies @RHG - another one over been catching up on. One oh those artists I’ve heard quite a lot without knowing who it was.

I liked this though and will be an artist I have a listen to some more of. 5* from me :smiley:

Thanks Danny. Got all of your votes. :slight_smile: