Day 19 Music Challenge!

OK Music Lovers! You were requesting different genres and I’m trying to accommodate, but I need you to listen and vote! :sunglasses: I’ll head back toward a few more mainstream albums later this week.

For today though, I offer the following:


  • This is great! (5 stars)
  • Meh…(3 stars)
  • Make it stop! (1 star)

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If you haven’t yet heard and voted on Galactic, see it here: Day 18

Stay safe out there!

New artist to me, that reminds me at J.J. Cale at the one hand, and Jack Johnson at the other.
That is also a bit of the problem, it is more the special instruments that make him more unique, than the songs themselves.
Choosing between a 3 and 5 vote is a big step here, but I am in a postive mood today. As I am interested to explore Harry’s music a little more, I will vote a 5


Once again thanks for running this very interesting music challenge. I’m really enjoying the chance to explore many genres of music which I might otherwise ignore. And while this exploration has it’s upsides, there are also a few downsides, one of which I would like to expand on.

So I don’t normally listen to folk-blues and therefore I have frame of reference on which to base a meaningful vote for today’s musical selection. Sounds pleasant enough but is Mr. Manx a stellar example of folk-blues or just a run of the mill example? I haven’t a clue and rather than slant the results one or another based upon my very limited experience with this genre I am chosing not to cast a vote today. I hope that you understand what I’m trying to say. Thanks again!

Ha. Thanks Ralph. I don’t really know if Manx is a stellar example or not…I haven’t heard a lot of Indian influence in blues type music. You can of course abstain from voting, but I suggest vote with your heart. If you liked it, say so (irrespective as to whether he’s properly ‘representing’). If you didn’t, still valuable information. And it’s hard to slant the results - they are about you, me, and all of us as listeners.


Either way, your choice.


Really really enjoyed this. Reminded a bit of earlier Ray Lamontagne of whom I’m a big fan. Will certainly be listening to more :slight_smile:

Okay I voted and gave it 5 stars since I did enjoy it.

I voted 5 stars, based on the one song of Manx that I have in my collection, an extraordinary live rendition of “Tijuana”. He plays that song using what appears to be an acoustic guitar in a horizontal position using slide plectrum but producing sitar like sounds. The guitar is possibly re-stringed with sitar strings? That alone is almost enough to know he is a genius but I recommend anyone interested to have a listen to Tijuana (which is on You Tube).

These days I try to buy everything on Bandcamp but he unfortunately doesn’t seem to be available on BC. Do you know where I can buy digital downloads of his material? I don’t buy CDs these days and I prefer purchasing where the artist gets looks after.


I had a look too. He has a website but the purchase buttons don’t work. But in the meantime he has a number of albums I hadn’t heard with great names (I’m listening to “Faith Lift” now).


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Well, this was a pleasant surprise. Like @anon90297517, Manx is a new artist to me and I’m also feeling positive about the album and giving it top marks. It’s a lovely recording and I thoroughly enjoyed the fusion of Blues and Indian music. I’ll certainly be checking out more of his work.

My picks: Never the Twain, Afghani Ragi and It Makes No Difference.

BTW, if you like the Indian influence, check out Everything Sacred by James Yorkston, Jon Thorne and Suhail Yusuf Khan.

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