Day 2 Music Challenge!

OK music lovers! Here’s the Album for Day 2!

There are still about 6 h left for Day 1 voting here: Day 1 of the 30 Day Music Challenge

Remember, you don’t have to vote every day but you do have to Listen to the Album before casting your vote!

At the end I’ll compile all the results and try to provide some useful summary. I’m excited to see how it all works out!

This one will run until about 4PM tomorrow.


  • Love it!
  • Meh…
  • Definitely not for me…

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Disqualified from voting as I couldnt bear to listen to it all.
But thanks for the diversity of posts!

Wallpaper music. :zipper_mouth_face:

Here’s some background information on this recording:


  1. Willow Weep for Me
  2. Pretend/Somewhere Along the Way
  3. Moonglow
  4. This is All I Ask
  5. Happy Coat
  6. Can’t Leave Her Again
  7. My Foolish Heart
  8. East of the Sun
  9. Anema E Core
  10. In the Still of the Night
  11. Young and Foolish
  12. Cotton Fields
  13. Too Marvelous for Words
  14. I Saw Her Standing There

Shota Osabe - piano;
Ray Brown - doublebass;
Harold Jones - drums



Track listing seems to have gone awry on TIDAL. I’m sure track 4 is I Saw Her Standing There by the Beatles.

Edit: Yep …

So I gave this one a Meh… for these reasons:

This is what I would call cocktail jazz, in other words the music that the jazz trio in the corner plays during cocktail hour. Nothing too challenging but enjoyable nonetheless. Ray Brown made many many recordings like this throughout his long career.

Ray Brown’s bass is very well recorded and sounds great. Brown is clearly the star of the show on this recording. Harold Jones is not given much to do other a lot of brush work.

Mr. Osabe’s playing is very capable but, as I said, not really all that interesting, sticking pretty close to the melody and playing very straight ahead chord changes and harmony. His style is pretty laid back and to his credit he doesn’t play tons of notes nor does he play with lots of flash like Oscar Peterson or Art Tatum.

There are so many piano trio recordings in jazz, covering all styles of jazz, that the bar is set very high. I suppose that this recording is a fine example of straight ahead cocktail jazz but I tend to like my cocktails with a little bit more kick.

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Fair enough! Thanks for voting…

@RHG I hope that you don’t mind my posting additional background information about the recording that you’ve chosen and my posting my reasons for voting the way I did (in other words, my mini-review).

I am only doing this to give some food for thought for the other community members who participating in this discussion.

And thanks again for doing this. It is a great idea, something to keep us busy and a great way to discover new music!

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Well I managed more than @ged_hickman1, but it did take a couple of sittings. Cocktail jazz or wallpaper, it the same thing to me … something pleasant in the background whilst you’re preoccupied with someone else. The bassist–Ray Brown–shone through but that wasn’t enough to excite me. All a little too pedestrian.

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Not at all. All engagement is good. :sunglasses:

Just recording the Day 1 info…


Nice initiative! I cannot find this one on Qobuz unfortunately.

Keep it up and have a nice day at home.

Lovely initiative!
Looking up the album on Tidal displayed Vocal as one of the genres, close, but no cigar… :smiley:

Yeah, I noticed the same thing. I have no idea what that was about…

And it gets even better since the now playing screen shows lyrics for several of the songs.

Classic AI - finds lyrics for songs on an instrumental recording but can’t find lyrics for a thirty year old Bob Dylan album. And the media (and Hollywood) keep telling how AI is an existential threat to mankind. Let’s get to self driving cars that don’t kill people and then we’ll talk. :wink:

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Searching Qobuz via Roon does not find this album ( searched for:
Shota Osabe piano trio, Shota Osabe, Happy Coat)

Search in Qobuz website finds the album with artist Shoa Osabe.
Favoring the album in Qobuz, unfortunately, does not make the album available in Roon, even after forcing synchronization


Sorry guys, as Qobuz decided not to come to Canada, it’s not really on my radar (except for background murmuring anyway). Hopefully most of the posts will be available in Qobuz too. Did you try Day 3?

Mishka , Above The Bones, is available on Qobuz.
Voted already

Listened on Amazon music and enjoyed it; reminded me of Victor Sylvester.