Day 22 Music Challenge!

OK Music Lovers! I have to say I struggled with a reasonable way to post in this genre. I imagine that hard rock/heavy metal either alienates people or wins converts. And the genre itself is a bit of a rabbit hole: Aficionados of Death Metal or Thrash Metal will have a hard time acknowledging that Def Leppard or Led Zeppelin even belong to the genre. Bands like Rage Against the Machine or Iron Maiden seem like too much to ask that everyone listen.

So I’ve elected to represent the genre with a solid Party Band. While not lyrical giants, there’s something infectious about their music that’s persisted over time. As my wife says, whatever the words, you always feel happy rocking out to these guys. This particular album resonates for me from the very first notes…


Have fun and remember, if you get through the album and just can’t get it, you still have a say by voting!

  • Rockin’ me Baby! (5 stars)
  • Meh…(3 stars)
  • Bleedin’ ears (1 star)

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Yesterdays music got a lot of attention, but if you missed it, you can still vote here: Day 21

Not heard any AC/DC really so will listen to this with interest. You should have picked Def Leppard though coming from my home city :slight_smile:

Yep. Enjoyed that. Keep meaning to listen to ,ore heavy rock/metal but never quite get round to it. Will definitely make more of an effort

Ditto my banned post from Day 7 - different genre but the same thoughts apply

Well, I missed this first time around. Now I could hardly walk into Our Price in my winkle pickers and drainpipes and pickup something from AC/DC, could I? Did I enjoy this album? Yes, or at least after I was accustomed to Brian Johnson’s screech. I guess it was the same for AC/DC [fans] back in 1980. It’s good, but not my cup of tea … if I want to turn the volume I’ll turn to Led Zeppelin or hard rock.

My picks: Let Me Put My Love Into You and You Shock Me All Night Long. (Maybe no surprises there.)

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Keeping with your Def Leppard request, check out Pyromania. The album where they pulled it together and figured out their sound. Interesting that their sound (along with ABBA) informed the Hit Factory of producers and writers that came out Europe and are responsible for about half of all pop music for the next 3+decades.

Recommend this book to anyone interested in how music is currently created for the masses.

The Song Machine

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