Day 23 Music Challenge!

OK Music Lovers! Here’s today’s aural treat…

The BeeGees had a successful career singing romantic ballads and storied songs for about 8 years before fully embracing both Barry Gibb’s falseto voice, R&B rhythms, and the disco of the '70s. Their 12th album (Main Course) propelled them to the spotlight in a manner that eclipsed their earlier works. This album, released a couple of years later, exemplifies what made them great and to a certain extent what ultimately caused them to be ridiculed.

Enjoy! :sunglasses:


  • Can’t keep still! (5 stars)
  • Meh…(3 stars)
  • Glass breaking all around the house! (1 star)

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Yesterday’s song here: Day 22

Voted without listening. This one is not for me. Everybody has his limits :grinning:

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Rule 1 of the challenge, quoted below, was specifically to listen to something, even if you think you won’t like it, and then vote.

Ok, please cancel my vote then

My exposure to the Bee Gees, other than their chart hits, is Saturday Night Fever and The Record: The Best of the Bee Gees (in my wife’s small collection … honest guv.) Tragedy was enough to make me run, but I stayed with it. Unfortunately, the album doesn’t get much better. It’s not only Barry Gibb’s falsetto, it’s just … to put it another way, the most irritating song of all time is the Bee Gees penned Chain Reaction. It’s a miss for me.

My picks: Too Much Heaven and Spirits (Having Flown).

Oof, you’re testing me now! As it happens I’ve just dug out my Chromecast Audio and my ‘good’ headphones, neither of which I’ve used in a long while, so this will be a good excuse to kick back with the cans on and give it a fair listen :slight_smile:

Please god make it stop! Definitely chalk this up as ‘not my bag’ :slight_smile:

We’re still way ahead on like v dislike though so all is good… particularly now this is over