Day 26 Music Challenge!

OK Music Lovers! 5 days to go including this one! I was looking at the list and I’m decidedly short of female singers, so I’ll try to reconcile this over the next couple of days.

So for today, you’re music challenge is the following:


With voting here:

  • Deluxe indeed! (5 stars)
  • Meh…(3 stars)
  • Not for me (1 star)

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Yesterday still needs your votes: Day 25

I managed to listen to it completely, but this is a typical example where replacing real instruments (most of 5hem, there are a few exceptions) by computers, drum machines and alike takes all the musicality, tension, subtility out of the music.
Listen to their 1st record Diiamond Life after this one, and I am pretty sure you will understand.
P.S. I hesitated between 1 & 3, in the end voted for 3 because of her 1st album.

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Thanks Dirk, interesting to hear your take. I do understand what you’re saying but I nonetheless prefer this recording to Diamond Life. Despite some great memories associated with the earlier album. :sunglasses:

Appreciate the comments. I read them all.


Sade is what Gare du Nord wishes they sounded like :smile:

5 stars all the way! :star: :star2: :eight_pointed_black_star: :star2: :star:

Another artist who I’ve never really got round to listening to. Enjoyed this. Particularly nice to wind down to before calling it a night.

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Pay attention, Martin. It’s Love Deluxe not Lovers Rock!

So, I listened to the wrong album–twice–last night, so have a little catching up to do this evening with Day 27 already cued up.

I’ve not listened to Love Deluxe for many years and it’s better than I recall. Maybe not up there with Diamond Life but I enjoyed the coolness of Sade’s vocal and the atmospheric music. 4*

My picks: Feel No Pain, Like a Tattoo and Kiss of Life.

Sadly Lovers Rock is an album spoiled by poor production.

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