Day 29 Music Challenge! Use your Tools!

OK music fans! The finish line is in sight and we’ll be done by the weekend. Today I’m going to push the challenge a bit harder. I already mentioned that it’s difficult to put hard rock/metal out there without alienating some folks, but the response to the Party version of that genre (AC/DC) was pretty good, so I’m going to try this one.

What to listen for: Polyrhythms. Several of these songs have multiple concurrent time signatures. Drumming. Danny Carey is arguably one of the worlds best drummers (you’ll see him on a lot of lists). Production. The execution of this album is insane. Want to try an experiment? If you have a true stereo set up (2 channels, or at most 2 and a sub), sit in your sweet spot and listen to Jambi. At 1:13 in the song, the voice will appear behind you. Close your eyes and point to locations of music throughout…it’s pretty cool.

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We’re still waiting for a few of your votes on yesterday’s album: Day 28

The one genre I’ve not properly explored that I’ve wanted to is some proper metal. From the bits I’ve heard it has a surprising amount in common with some of the harder more extreme sub genres of electronica hence my interest.

Yeah I liked this a lot and can see me spending a few hours working through the Roon links and tags accordingly :slight_smile:

To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to this session. As I write I’m still listening and I have to say that 10,000 Days exceeded my expectations.

It’s not going to be a go to genre for me but I appreciate their craft and the production. My picks are from the midsection: the title track and The Pot.

Thanks for giving it a shot Martin! :sunglasses:

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Decided to let Roon Radio run once the album finished. Let’s see where this goes.

The Pot is certainly an awesome song. Roseta Stoned…just incredible :wink: