Day 9 Music Challenge!

OK Music Fans! Here’s the Challenge for Day 9:

Remember to listen and vote! and you can find the Day 8 challenge live for a few more hours here: Day 8 Challenge

  • Loving the groove! (5 stars)
  • Meh…(3 stars)
  • Ow, make it stop! (1 star)

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Really don’t have to listen to this before voting as I have done so countless times.

This is a brilliant and influential album … and I love it! I think I first heard it in the early 1980s; it’s in both my vinyl and CD collection and not many of my albums appear twice.

My picks: On Saturday Afternoons In 1963, Young Blood and Company.

Agreed. I think she became the template for Edie Brickell and New Bohemians as well as Tori Amos. Only much earlier…

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Another artist I’ve not heard before and this one knocked it out of the park for me. Beautifully recorded and produced - sounded quite magnificent on my system.

Added to my library no dramas…

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Pirates is also very good.

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I can recommend listening to Flying Cowboys too.