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When I deleted albums from my library, the size of the library never is decreased. Images being the majority of the consumed space.

Should images from deleted albums/artists be automatically removed and thus reduce the size on disk?

Is this true after using settings > library > library maintenance > clean up library_? My understanding is that this should cause Roon to forget about those files and artists it no longer sees. So no metadata about those should still be there.

Yes, I’ve used Clean Up. I’ve also performed a backup after removing the albums, I removed about 1/4 of my albums, a bunch of genres I just don’t listen to.

The images folder size never changes, other than getting larger. I rebuilt my library overnight, images went from 8.5GB to 6GB.

Sorry, I’m a bit confused here. By images folder, do you mean the images_1 folder in the DB? I guess that can go up as I think Roon are forever updating their artist images as they find better, high res, ones.

…which is a reduction??

Yes, images_1 folder and it’s content. Sure it can get larger, but it never seems to be reduced despite removing 25% of albums.

Yes, that is a 2.5GB reduction, an appropriate amount given the reduction in albums. Of course, rebuilding ones DB from scratch is not a sustainable solution.

Sure, space is cheap these days but I load my root volume to ram so the size matters much more.

I don’t think there is a mechanism to delete stale images, just hoping Support will confirm.

Ahh, now I understand.

Hi @Larry_Post,

I’ve passed this along to the team for investigation. Thanks for the report!

Thanks, I figured this would be a quick and easy one for those that know the answer. Or perhaps there is no white space reclamation going on and thus would rather the question just fades away.

Hi @Larry_Post,

Sorry for the delayed response on this one. I brought this up during my meeting with the technical team and they confirmed that this is expected behavior. Clean Up Library does not include the removal of images.

Thanks for confirming. Please consider this a feature request to add proper cleanup of the DB when album/track/artist information is deleted as normal by the user via the interface.

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Deleting albums should ideally remove all data points relating to all entities no longer referenced in the library. I don’t think that happens either, only the album is removed but performers etc. that were added as a result of adding an album remain in the database, albeit not visible until another album is added that involves them.

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