Dcs Bartok Crash with Roon by playing the Beauty and the Beast MOS (MQA on TIDAL)


I have found an issue that will crash the Bartok DAC with ROON when you play the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST MOVICE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (TIDAL) MQA version.

You will find the the playback becomes strange and the DAC is freeze.

You have to switch off the DAC manually.

One of my friends with Bartok got the same issue as me. Please try by yourself.

ROON support, please check what is causing this issue too. (If you can test on a dCS DAC) Thank you.

@AMP one for you perhaps.

Let me add one more information here.

=) the playback of the soundtrack (MQA) version only on TIDAL (alone), Spotify or even using dCS Mosaic is fine. Only happens in ROON, all of the DAC and ROON in their latest firmware and software versions.

Please try :slight_smile:

Hi @Edwin_Leung,

If you play to a device besides the Bartok does the same issue occur?

Can you share a screenshot of the signal path when playing to this?

Please find the signal path for your reference.

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Hi @Edwin_Leung,

Thanks for the screenshot of signal path. Let me get your report over to our hardware team to see if they can test for this behavior, once I hear back from them, I or another support staff-member will reach out once more, thanks!

Hi Edwin,

I am playing this CD in MQA by ROON at my dCS Rossini player. At which track are you encountering the problem?
I started at track 1 and now at 4, I still don’t have this problem.
Only Bartok maybe?

Yes, may be. Can you do me a favour to play some other files or CD in other formats and then jump back to play this? I got this issue when I am using Bartok + ROON + TIDAL. Thank you.

I just did but not having the problem at all, see screen shot.
Did you try to play the same at another ROON endpoint? IMHO the dCS Bartok can’t effect the playback the way you describe.

@dylan and @noris, this could be an issue with the specific files on the Tidal node that this user is hitting. I’m seeing the same problem when played back via Roon on two different dCS devices, but not with the same album played back via our native Tidal implementation. The source data ends up coming from two different parts of Tidal’s CDN.

@Jeff_S, do you use your Rossini with the display on or off? Also, what is the “MAIN BOARD VERSION” as reported via the front panel menu?

Hello Andrew,

Playing with the display off.

Here the version(s) you are asking for.

I got this issue either the display is ON or OFF

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